Where To Eat at Taft on a Sunday

Where to eat at Taft on Sundays Taft Avenue is pretty quiet during Sundays. Not to mention, only a few restaurants and coffee shops are open. It’s always our victory group’s agony where to eat. Here’s my personal list of where to go and stay at Taft to chill, eat or have coffee on a Sunday 🙂 Alfonso’s Cafe – Serves mostly Filipino Dishes and … Continue reading Where To Eat at Taft on a Sunday

The Centennial Graduation Speech

My fellow Benildean Lasallians, dear parents, relatives and friends  of the graduates, and you, graduates, Mr. and Ms. 7 % — good morning! Why “7%”? Because the latest statistics tell us that out of every 100 students who enroll in Grade 1, only 7%–yes, 7%–complete a college degree! And, modesty aside, how many from those 7% have been able to graduate from an institution that … Continue reading The Centennial Graduation Speech